10th Congress of the International Pediatric Transplant Association • May 4-7, 2019  •  Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sunday May 5, 2019 - 10:00-11:00

Oral Abstract Session on New Ideas in Liver Transplantation

In Collaboration with the Society of Paediatric Liver Transplantation (SPLIT)

Evelyn Hsu, United States

Priority for pediatric liver transplantation: Where do metabolic diseases fit in our allocation models?

Björn Fischler, Sweden

Similarities and differences in allocation policies for pediatric liver transplantation across the world


Sunday May 5, 2019 - 11:10-12:10

ID Quiz

Lara Danziger-Isakov, United States

Challenging Case 1

Britta Hoecker Germany

Challenging Case 2

Elizabeth Goddard, South Africa


Klara Posfay-Barbe, Switzerland


Masaki Yamada, Japan


Marian Michaels, United States


Registries and Controversies in Paediatric Transplantation

In Collaboration with the Society of Paediatric Liver Transplantation (SPLIT)

Henkjan J. Verkade, Netherlands

Liver transplantation for metabolic diseases - for whom, when and why?

Valerie McLin, Switzerland

Donor specific antibodies - do they matter?

Vicky Lee Ng, Canada

Journey from Registry to an International society. The impact of SPLIT

Vincent Karam, France

Update on pediatric liver transplant outcomes in Europe, a report of the European Liver Transplant Registry (ELTR)

Epitope Matching: Are we ready for prime time?

Anat Tambur, United States

Improving transplant compatibility to improve graft survival

Peter Nickerson, Canada

Epitope Matching for organ allocation – future matching strategies

Medhat Askar, United States

The role of HLA epitopes in histocompatibility

Nutrition and Oral Feeding

To tube or not to tube feed: An interdisciplinary approach to optimizing oral feeding outcomes in pre and post-transplant children

Ashley Graham, Canada

Louise Bannister, Canada

Soleina Maherali, Canada

Sheridan Collins, Australia

Sunday May 5, 2019 - 15:00-16:00

Novel Immunosuppression in Clinical Practice

Supported by the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology (ASPN)

Lars Pape, Germany

Use of Everolimus

Michael Kaabak, Russia

Use of Campath induction in Peds

Ryszard Grenda, Poland

Update on Steroid Free Immunosuppression

Optimizing care in Intestine Transplantation

In Collaboration with the International Rehabilitation and Transplant Association (IRTA)

Girish Gupte, United Kingdom

The impact of current intestinal failure outcomes on intestinal transplantation

George Mazariegos, United States

Isolated liver transplantation in progressive IFALD - who and when

Robert Venick, United States

Diagnosis and treatment of AMR in intestine transplantation

Organ allocation and Improvement of Donor Shortage

Jonathan Johnson, United States

Non-Medical Contraindications for Pediatric Thoracic Transplant Listing – What Social Risk Factors Still Matter?

Stuart Sweet, United States

How do we decide who gets a thoracic transplant? Lung

Claire Irving, Australia

How do we decide who gets a thoracic transplant? Heart

Richard Kirk, United States

Thoracic donor organ shortage: How do we improve the situation?

Frailty as a Concept in Peadiatric Transplantation

Supported by the Canadian Society of Transplantation – Paediatric Group (CST)

Eberhard Lurz, Germany

Present case discussion and assessing frailty in the paediatric transplant candidate

Jemma Mears, United Kingdom

Frailty from the PT/OT perspective

Aviva Goldberg, Canada

Too frail for transplant: Decision making and family support

Inez Martincevic, Canada

Nutritional assessment and interventions for frailty

Monday May 6, 2019 - 11:10-12:10

Understanding genetic, developmental & other factors altering the clearance of immunosuppressive drugs

Mara Medeiros, Mexico

Developmental changes of drug disposition of immunosuppressive drugs

Guido Filler, Canada

Drug interactions and influence of albumin, cholesterol, triglycerides, and anemia on the clearance of immunosuppressive drugs

Noël Knops, Belgium

Genetic factors responsible for variability of drug clearance of immunosuppressive drugs

NAFL/NASH in kids

In Collaboration with the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD)

Emily Perito, United States

Epidemiology and Medical treatment of NAFL/NASH

Julie K. Heimbach, United States

Surgical Management: Lessons learned from adult patients

Rohit Kohli, United States

Emerging therapies

IPTA-ISHLT Joint Symposium: End of Life Does Not Mean End of Care for Children Before and After Thoracic Organ Transplantation

In Collaboration with the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT)

Matthew Fenton, United Kingdom

Case 1: “It’s not just the Flu” Diagnosis of unexpected organ failure

Elizabeth Blume, United States

You are Here. Where are we going and how shall we get there? Goals of Care and Advanced Care Planning Conversation Tools

Matthew Fenton, United Kingdom

Case 2: “The Ultimate Rejection” Denial by Transplant Selection

Melinda Solomon, Canada

"Not Withdrawing Care when Stopping Machines” Mechanical support withdrawal logistics

Melissa Cousino, United States

A Hard Day at Work” – Caring for Patients at End of Life: Reducing Burnout and Promoting Resilience

Interventions and Outcomes in Transition: Engaging adolescents in the transition process

Beverly Kosmach-Park, United States

Initial implementation of a transition program

Monica Smith, United Kingdom

Transition services at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Angela Williams, Canada

Implementation and outcomes of “Teens Taking Charge”

Grainne Walsh, United Kingdom

Transition support services

Tuesday May 7, 2019 - 11:15-12:15

Endstage Organ Failure Management of the Neonate

In Collaboration with the American Society of Transplantation (AST)

Jens Goebel, United States


Evelyn Hsu, United States


Kyle Soltys, United States


Claire Irving, Australia


New aspect of not so new viruses (Hep C/E/B)

Björn Fischler, Sweden

Chronic hepatitis E in the transplant setting - How should

Deirdre Kelly, United Kingdom

DAA treatment for hepatitis C in the transplant setting

Giuseppe Indolfi, Italy

Hepatitis B in the transplant setting

Virtual vs Physical Crossmatch: the pros and cons

Robert Liwski, Canada

Beads – Fast, Accurate – the Future (Arguing that we can now replace the physical crossmatch with single antigen bead screening)

Peter Jindra, United States

Pre transplant risk assessment - Beads cannot replace Cells

Ethical Issues in Pediatric Transplantation: when a patient is no longer a transplant candidate

Jo Wray, United Kingdom

Decision-making around psychosocial factors

Mignon McCulloch, South Africa

Cross-cultural differences

Rebecca Greenberg, Canada

Legal implications